Heliguy Launches Online Drone Training GVC Course

Heliguy Launches Online Drone Training GVC Course

The General Visual Line of Sight Certificate is ideal for commercial drone pilots. Sit the course through Heliguy Blackbox for on-demand training content.

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  • Drone training specialist Heliguy launches GVC course;
  • Sit the course online through Heliguy Blackbox, giving you access to content whenever and wherever you like;
  • Heliguy Blackbox has already received positive reviews from candidates;
  • Both the GVC course and the A2 CofC syllabus are available to book now by clicking here.

UPDATE (June 8, 2020): The European drone regulations which were set to start in the UK in July, and then in November, have been delayed for a second time and will now start on December 31, 2020. Read more about it and how it affects you here.

Drone training specialist Heliguy has launched the General Visual Line of Sight Certificate (GVC) course, designed for UAS pilots wanting to conduct commercial or enterprise drone missions.

The GVC syllabus is now available on Heliguy Blackbox – our online drone training platform – and candidates can start their learning today.

Unveiling the GVC content follows the launch of the A2 Certificate of Competency (A2 CofC) material, which went live on our e-learning hub at the start of the month and has already received glowing reviews.

Candidates have described Heliguy Blackbox as ‘excellent’, 'professional', ‘a very helpful and constructive experience’, and 'highly recommended - 10/10'. They have praised the 'well set up online theory exam' and the ability to repeat modules and self-assess progress during training.

Conducting your drone training through Heliguy Blackbox provides a flexible and convenient learning solution, giving you the chance to access on-demand content and study at your own pace and convenience.

As a well-renowned NQE, Heliguy has recently transitioned to become a Recognised Assessment Entity, in line with new European drone laws scheduled to commence in the UK on December 31, 2020, having been delayed from July, and then November, due to the coronavirus.


Both the GVC and the A2 CofC have been introduced as part of the upcoming regulations. With the GVC aimed at enterprise drone operators, the A2 CofC is geared towards recreational and some professional users flying in the Open Category. To find out more about the difference between the GVC and A2 CofC, read our blog.


Heliguy Head of Training, Ben Shirley, said: “Heliguy Blackbox has already been well-received from candidates sitting the A2 CofC course, and we are delighted to have added the GVC syllabus to our e-learning hub, which is available from now.

Heliguy's Head of Training Ben Shirley.

“The GVC course is essential for any drone operator who hasn’t obtained a PfCO, but needs to use their drone for enterprise or commercial missions, especially utilising the likes of the DJI M200 Series, the DJI M300 RTK, or the DJI Inspire 2.”

What Is The GVC?

The GVC is a remote pilot competency certificate which provides a single qualification that is suitable for VLOS (Visual Line of Sight) operations within the Specific Category – which is being introduced as part of the new drone regulations. You can find out more by clicking here.


The Specific Category hinges on an Operational Authorisation being held by the drone operator, which has been issued by the CAA, before the operation can be commenced.

The Operational Authorisation – to replace the term PfCO – will be based upon a Pre-Defined Risk Assessment (PDRA). PDRAs are still currently under development and will be published soon.

Obtain a GVC to help you fly your drone commercially.

Because the Heliguy PfCO course is no longer available, candidates sitting the GVC course before the new rules begin in December 2020 will be taught a hybrid syllabus, comprising the current and future drone regulations for the UK.

Upon successful completion of the GVC course, candidates can apply to the CAA for Standard Permissions to operate commercially.

121200After completing the GVC, you can apply for Standard Permissions from the CAA.


From December 31, 2020, holders can continue to operate under the terms of their current permissions, but on renewal, these will convert to an Operational Authorisation.

Candidates sitting the GVC course will need to complete a two-day Ground School, followed by a multiple-choice theory exam, which can be conducted remotely, providing you have a webcam. There is also the requirement to complete an Operations Manual and pass a Practical Flight Assessment on a separate day.

You can book your GVC course with Heliguy by clicking here.

Heliguy Blackbox: On-demand Content And Glowing Reviews

Launched earlier this year, Heliguy Blackbox has revolutionised drone training, providing an on-demand and flexible learning solution.

Access on-demand content through Heliguy Blackbox.

The advantages of online drone training through Heliguy Blackbox include:

  • Comprehensive mix of easily-accessible content – including pre-recorded videos, task sheets, quizzes and coursework – which can be viewed wherever and whenever you like;
  • Live and interactive training support from our expert instructors, who will be on the other end of a video stream to navigate you through the course, offer valuable support, and answer questions in real-time;
  • Benefit from being part of a virtual online community with your fellow cohort of e-learning course candidates;
  • Heliguy Blackbox is a cloud-based learning system which remains safe and secure. You can switch to any device and continue where you left off;
  • Bonus material, such as extra courses, in-depth industry blogs, exclusive hardware discounts through Heliguy and our industry partners, and Operations Manual renewals.

These benefits have been recognised by candidates who have recently conducted their drone training through Heliguy Blackbox. Reviews include:

Great online A2 CofC training course supported by videos and the handbook. Appreciate the ability to repeat training sections if needed, and to self-assess progress and understanding by the online section quizzes. Well set up and briefed online theory exam, with the personal touch as no classroom sessions available. A pleasant learning experience with the Heliguy Training Team.

Chris Caswell

The video and remote exam was great and easy to understand - also demonstrating how adaptable Heliguy is given the current pandemic. The examiner clearly explained how the remote exam process was going to work, and what was expected of me. We also had a great and informative Q&A at the end, where I could ask some questions about other courses Heliguy offers, and how to update my Operations Manual going forward. Very helpful and constructive experience - highly recommended. 10/10.


James D'Arcy Bean

The training and the exam all went well. Jack was very professional in his work and made me feel relaxed going into the exam. Pleased to say I passed!!

Graham Perry

The cost of sitting an online GVC course with Heliguy is £624 (ex VAT), while an A2 CofC is £209 (ex VAT).

We are giving any Heliguy PfCO candidate who has not yet completed their course the option to transfer to either the GVC or A2 CofC online course. This offer applies to any candidate who has completed the PfCO Ground School with Heliguy, but not passed their Flight Assessment. This offer does not apply to anyone who sat the course before 2018.

Any candidate who has already booked onto a Heliguy traditional classroom course for the A2 CofC or GVC can transfer to the online training.

Why Choose Heliguy?

Heliguy is a CAA-approved NQE (National Qualified Entity) and RAE (Recognised Assessment Entity), and Blackbox takes all the benefits of our traditional classroom-based Ground School and transforms it into a digestible digital format.

Our expert training team has led tuition for a substantial number of drone pilots, including operators from major companies and organisations such as Balfour Beatty, the BBC, Network Rail, Manchester City FC, Sellafield Sites, and Derbyshire Police. The team is also accredited to deliver Continuing Professional Development (CPD) training courses.

Heliguy delivering training for Network Rail.


A total of 99.6% of Heliguy candidates would recommend our drone training to a friend or colleague.

As an added bonus, our training team maintains contact with our candidates after they have obtained their qualification, and provides continual support via email, telephone and Blackbox.

With more than a decade of experience, Heliguy prides itself on being a one-stop-shop provider and a leading authority in the drone industry. This means that our experienced team can support every step of your drone journey, from training through to offering a vast inventory of hardware, spares and specialist parts, drone rental and leasing, DJI-authorised drone repair and creating innovative and bespoke solutions through our R&D department.

For more information about drone training, Heliguy Blackbox, or to find out how Heliguy can start, support, or scale your drone programme, send us an email, give us a call, or visit our website.

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