DJI Goggles Gesture Controls

DJI Goggles Gesture Controls

Guide and overview of the DJI Goggles gesture control using the touchpad on the device and how to navigate menus on the Goggles

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The DJI Goggles use gesture controls to navigate through menus, here is a breakdown of those controls and how to use them when using the goggles. The gesture control pad is located on the right-hand side of the headset with a patterned texture to it. To avoid accidental gestures on the pad you can lock it by placing two fingers on the side and swiping back. To unlock the pad place two fingers on the side and swipe away from your head. To navigate back swipe back on the pad. Navigate down by swiping down. Navigate forward by swiping away from your head. Navigate up by swiping up on the pad.

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