Osmo Action Battery

Osmo Action Battery

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Full Description

The battery features two locks for easy installation.

The maximum capacity of the battery is 1300mAh, significantly extending recording time.

The battery case holds and protects multiple batteries and microSD cards. It allows you to classify and store batteries into compartments marked with different battery level signs.

Tips: Please insert the battery correctly and ensure no orange tabs appear on the battery after locking it. Otherwise, water may enter the device.

Compatibility: Osmo Action

Product Specification

Osmo Action Battery:

Size: 37.9 × 40.8 × 15.1 mm 

Weight: 30 g

Osmo Action Battery Case:

Size: 18.8 × 49 × 44.6 mm

Weight: 10 g

What's in the Box

Osmo Action Battery × 1

Osmo Action Battery Case × 1