Olympus 25mm f/1.8 MFT Lens (Black)

Olympus 25mm f/1.8 MFT Lens (Black)

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Full Description

The 25mm 'M.ZUIKO' lens from Olympus is a brilliant add-on for your X5 camera system. It offers a really nice focal length over the standard 15mm DJI and gives you the equivalent of a 50mm on a full frame sensor. 

Olympus glass already has a sterling reputation in the world of photography and videography - this is why DJI have chosen their lenses for the X5 systems. 

This lens has a number of important features, including:

  • Lightweight design.
  • Exceptional image quality.
  • Support for decoration rings.
  • Extremely quiet autofocus technology.
  • f/1.8 aperture for brilliant depth of field.

Olympus has worked hard to perfect their digital lenses and the resulting images and video footage show that the work really has paid off.

Product Specification

A lightweight, powerful 25mm lens from Olympus with near silent autofocus.