Mavic 2 Enterprise Beacon

Mavic 2 Enterprise Beacon

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Full Description

Mavic 2 Enterprise Beacon

The Beacon attaches to the Mavic 2 Enterprise. It features a bright flashing strobe which can be seen three miles away. It helps pilots who are carrying out missions in low light or at night, greatly improving safety in the process.

The Beacon also provides additional airspace awareness for operators of nearby drones and traditional aircraft.

What’s in the box?

1 x Mavic 2 Enterprise Beacon


Compatibility: Mavic 2 Enterprise

Dimensions: 68x40x27.8mm

Port Type: USB Micro-B

Power Avg: 1.6W

Controllable Range: 5000m

Light intensity: Min Angle - 55cd (candela)

Light intensity: 157cd (candela)