Drone Survey Fundamentals

Drone Survey Fundamentals

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Full Description

Drone Surveying Training Course

Learn how to perform drone surveys and analyse the results.

What Will I Learn?

This drone land surveying and aerial mapping course will teach you how to perform an accurate drone survey and how to use the data you collect to generate valuable insights for your own organisation or your clients.

  • The key to accuracy when surveying with a drone.
  • Reducing positional errors.
  • Photogrammetry and LiDAR mapping tutorials. 
  • Drone survey data - what you'll collect and how to use it for maximum value.
  • Guidance on when drone surveys will significantly outperform other methodologies.
  • Data processing tips and tricks that give you consistently accurate drone surveys saving you both time and money.

Both theoretical and practical aspects of drone surveying and mapping are covered in the training course to help you get the very most out of your aerial operations.

What this course is not designed to do is to teach you to fly a drone - for a base level of training in that respect - you can check out our A2 CofC and GVC Training Courses.

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Day 1

Basic Mathematics
Satellite positioning

Day 2

Surveying Photography
Theory of Photogrammetry
Practical Photogrammetry

Day 3

Survey Data
Data Processing
Competing Technologies

Who is this Drone Surveying Training Suitable for?

Simply put - anyone who is already, or has plans to, perform aerial surveys with their drone.

This course will have some amazing advice for all drone pilots, of any skill level.

It's a 3-day course, so it is intensive - and is designed to let you leave the course with the skills, knowledge and confidence to perform accurate drone surveys for your own organisation or on behalf of your clients.

Who Teaches the Course?

This surveying course for drone pilots is taught by the HELIGUY.com™ partner, Pieter Franken.

Pieter has a wealth of experience in the surveying industry and was the founder and managing director of Terra Drone Europe.

His unique insight into the drone surveying space will give you a competitive advantage that can make your operations more efficient, lower costs and perform more accurate drone surveys on a consistent basis.

"This course will cover everything you need to know to be an aerial surveyor.
It will save you valuable time in not making beginner mistakes and having to redo surveys. It'll prevent you from disappointing your clients as you'll be able to deliver on what you promised much more consistently."

Pieter Franken

What does the Course Price Include?

The price you pay for this course includes:

  • 160-page Drone Surveying Fundamentals Handbook
  • AgiSoft Photoscan Workflow Manual.
  • 3-day In-Person Training Course
  • In-depth Support from the HELIGUY.com™ training team across the three days.

Accommodation for the period of the training course is not included.