DJI FlightHub Advanced

DJI FlightHub Advanced

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Full Description

DJI FlightHub Drone Management Solution

FlightHub gives enterprise users web-based control and management over their drone fleet. View real-time operation, organise your drone team and store and manage your collected data.


Live Operation Control – Access the telemetry data of your drones or view up to four live video streams directs from your drones.

Flight Data Management – Securely store and manage your flight logs and statistics for improving operation efficiency and compliance checks. Search for individual missions on your database and replay each mission in full. 

Fleet and Pilot Management – Organise your drone team into three staffing levels; administrators, captains and pilots, in order to assess team resources. Manage each aircraft for compliance and maintenance checks.

Compatible Aircraft

·         DJI Mavic Pro

·         DJI Phantom 4 Series

·         DJI Inspire 2

·         DJI M200 Series

DJI  Pilot App


Features Basic Advanced Enterprise – Coming Soon
Aircraft Up to five aircraft Up to ten aircraft Ten plus aircraft
Team Management
Fleet Management
Automatic Flight Log Syncing
Real-Time Telemetry Information
Real-Time Live View
Private Cloud Storage


How do I access FlightHub?

You can access FlightHub through your internet browser or via the FlightHub Windows app.

Can I export my team’s flight logs?

No, these can only be viewed through FlightHub.

What are the permissions of the three tiers of management?
  • Administrator – Controls and manages the FlightHub account. Full access to all areas. Can add, edit and remove captains and pilots.
  • Captain – Appointed to the head of the team to organise pilots. Can add new pilots to the team.
  • Pilot – Their data is logged in FlightHub, however, they’re unable to access the programme.
Is an internet connection required for FlightHub?

Yes, data is only transmitted when connected to the internet.