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Construction MANAGEMENT Platform

PROCORE Construction Management Software

The complete construction planning platform built by construction for construction

Manage your projects, resources, and financials on one open, easy-to-use platform—designed for how you actually build.

If you’re in the construction business, then Procore was designed to help you:

  • Owners gain visibility with all of their project information in one place
  • Managers can reivew performance and efficiency of their teams
  • Contractors can stay on schedule and on budget with complete project management in the palm of your hand

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Manage your construction project from planning to financial management

Project Management

Procore Project Management connects your information and teams to keep your projects moving.

Procore Project Management

Connecting your information and teams to keep projects moving forward

Project Management

Bring your project information and teams together to help you make better decisions faster.

Quality & Safety

Identify, understand, and connect the issues on your jobsite that have the biggest impacts on safety.

Design Coordination

Improve project performance and predictability by connecting your VDC, design, operations, and field teams.

BIM Software

Equip the entire field team with instant access to reliable BIM data, right in their pocket.


Procore Preconstruction helps you get your projects off to a great start, saving time and reducing risk.

Procore Preconstruction

Get your projects off to a great start. Save time and reduce risk.

Tender Management

Save time and streamline your tendering by managing the process on a single platform.

Resource Management

Procore Resource Management provides an accurate view of labour costs and efficiency by tracking productivity in real-time.

Procore Resource Management

Get an accurate view of labour costs and productivity by tracking productivity in real-time.

Field Productivity

Track productivity in real time without additional administrative burden, double entry, or complex spreadsheets.

Financial Management

Procore Financial Managment does what your spreadsheets can't. Keep your projects in sync with real-time budget updates. 

Procore Financial Management

Do what your spreadsheets can't. Keep your projects in sync with real-time budget updates. 

Project Financials

Minimise risk, maximise profits, and manage change as it happens with a financial tool built for the field.

Invoice Management

Get paid faster with collaborative billing for stakeholders, accurately bill for work completed, and automate invoicing.

Drones in Construction

Start your drone programme with™

Increase Efficiency with Construction Drones

Keep track of progress, ensure teams and resources are being utilisedefficiently and allow simple management of assets.

Procore modules are available to import and manage your drone imagery.

Application for drones in construction include:

  • Site Mapping
  • Asset Management
  • Building Inspection
  • Thermal Inspection
  • Gas Detection
  • Marketing Materials
  • 3d Mapping And Modelling

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