Maximise The Life Of LiPo Batteries

Purchase a digital battery capacity checker for less than £20.00. This is an essential tool for checking your battery packs and allow you to maximise the life of LiPo batteries. Avoid using more then 80% of the cells capacity. If you consistently use less then 80% you will increase the life of your battery cells. If you draw the absolute maximum current from your cells and fly until your ESC cuts power to your motors, or your flight controller auto lands, and you charge your cells to 4.20V per cell at 1C or more then you may get as few as 30-50 cycles from your cells. This is much less than what could and should be happening. If on the other hand you do not stress your cells i.e. break them in gently, take 60% or less of the maximum continuous rated current and always use less then 80% of the battery pack's capacity, charge at 0.8C and only charge your cells to 4.15V per cell you should get up to and maybe more then 300 cycles from your expensive, high power, low weight LiPo cells.

Maximise the life of LiPo batteries with a Digital Battery Checker

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="392"] Digital Battery Capacity Checker to Maximise The Life Of LiPo Batteries[/caption] Lithium Polymer cells do not have a "memory" unlike Ni-Cad's and therefore they SHOULD NOT be cycled. Cycling may bring the voltage down to 3.00V per cell which will shorten the life of your battery

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