How To Do A Circle QuickShot On The DJI Mavic Mini Drone

How To Do A Circle QuickShot On The DJI Mavic Mini Drone

A simple step by step guide on how to perform a Circle QuickShot on the DJI Mavic Mini drone.

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Want to be at the centre of your footage? Here's how - because the DJI Mavic Mini offers an instant cinematic look with the Circle QuickShot.

Tip: Take off and hover at least two metres above the ground before shooting.

Tip: Before using QuickShots, make sure the aircraft is in Position mode (P-mode) and the location is clear of buildings and obstacles. If you are shooting in a new location, it is recommended to start with a shorter distance.

To Perform Circle On The DJI Mavic Mini

Step One: Open the DJI Fly app and choose Circle in QuickShots.

Step Two: Set the Circle direction.

Step Three: Select your subject by tapping plus on the subject or dragging a box around it.

Tip: After selecting your subject, the corner button in the app will become a 'Start' button.

Step Four: Tap 'Start' and the Mavic Mini will start recording while flying in a Circle around your subject using its current distance as the radius.

Step Five: To exit a QuickShot during shooting tap the X on the right of your screen...

...or short press the upper left button on the remote controller and the aircraft will stop and hover in place.

Step Six: After shooting, the app will automatically generate a 15-second video. You can preview the video you've just finished in the playback interface and you will find that it has been automatically edited with background music.

Step Seven: Tap the QuickShots icon in the bottom right to switch back to the original clip. You can also tap 'edit' at the bottom right of the screen to re-do the edit.

Step Eight: Don't forget to share your epic shots on social media.

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