Benefits of Drone Rental

Benefits of Drone Rental

Following the launch of the Heliguy drone rental service, we look at the benefits of drone rental compared to buying an aircraft.

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Benefits of Drone Rental Heliguy have released their new drone rental service to give customers with their permissions to fly drones commercially, the opportunity to rent drones and equipment for their work. Heliguy’s drones can be rented by anyone who holds a PfCO. Our customers range from photographers and videographers who need a different type of equipment to get specific images and videos for their clients, to industrial workers who only need a drone for a short period of time, to public sectors who don’t want the expense of outright buying a drone. With the release of Heliguy’s new drone rental service, Heliguy Insider have been looking into the benefits of renting a drone rather than purchasing one. Keep reading for more information on the Heliguy drone rental service and why renting a drone might be good for you and your business.

Heliguy Drone Rental

Heliguy’s drone rental service allows you to rent a DJI Inspire 2 or a Phantom 4 Pro along with additional cameras, props, batteries etc. Custom configurations are also available by request through our website or by phone. Equipment can be rented on a daily, weekly or monthly basis to suit your specific needs. In order to rent equipment, a PfCO qualified pilot and liability insurance are required. For the full details of the Heliguy drone rental, please see our rental page here or call one of our team on 0191 296 1024. Inspire 2 - Available for Rental

Benefits of Renting a Drone

There are several benefits to renting a drone for some of the jobs you undertake rather than out right purchasing. The obvious factors are, you only pay for what you actually use keeping costs lower as well as rental being much more flexible than buying, but there are a lot of other ways in which renting might be the right option for you. Keep reading for the reasons on how renting a drone may be beneficial to you and your business.

Get different equipment

If you have contracted work that would benefit from a different kind of drone than your own, but you don’t need the drone full time, rental is a great option for you to complete your work without paying upfront for the equipment. Some work you undertake may call for a camera with a higher spec or a drone that can fly for longer. Rental can give you an easy solution if you don't need the kit full time. You're not limited to the aircraft you purchased and can access a bigger range or equipment, increasing the work that you're able to undertake. Also, if you work as a freelance or contract worker, it's likely the rental cost of the aircraft can be included within your fee. Alternatively, there are options of tax benefits during renting for business which can result in lower costs to your business. Both these factors can result in the cost of the rental not coming to your business as they can be covered by your client or potential tax deductions.   Phantom 4 Pro - Available for Rental

Want to wait for the new model

Do you have a job that requires a specific drone but you’ve heard there’s a new model coming out shortly? Renting a drone can get you the results you need for the job but you can wait for the latest version of the aircraft before buying. This is ideal if your work is time sensitive and needs to be completed right away. You can undertake the job but still wait for the new aircraft to be released helping you stay up to date with the current drone technology.

You can test out equipment

Renting a drone for a period of time allows you to try out an aircraft before you make the decision of which one is for you and your business. Any amount of research can’t beat hands on experience with a drone and rental will help you get a feel for which one suits you and your needs. Different aircraft can benefit the industry you work in lots of different ways. Testing the drone will allow you to make an informed choice of the best fit based on the pros and cons of each aircraft. You will then know you’ve made the right decision for you and your business before you make an investment. Heliguy also offers credit to be used against the purchase of the same equipment that you’ve rented allowing you to buy the drone you choose at a reduced price. For the full details of the credit you will receive, please speak to one of our team by phone or email. Inspire 2 and Matrice 210 in Flight with Heliguy Training Team

Your work isn’t guaranteed 

Many commercial drone operators work on either a freelance or part time basis which can result in your workload not following a normal schedule or being guaranteed.  Renting a drone could be more cost effective than buying a drone if you won't be using it on a regular basis. You won’t have the expense of buying the aircraft and only pay for what you use. As mentioned above, you may also be able to charge out for the equipment to rent or claim tax benefits, saving you any cost. Remeber, when buying equipment, it will depreciate in value after your purchase. Therefore, if you're not using the equipment on a regular basis, buying may not be the best option for you. Heliguy drone rental can be sent out via next day delivery when they are available and would not need to be booked weeks in advance, meaning you would not have to worry about not being able to undertake the work.

You're Starting a Business

If you're a startup and new to flying drones commercially, renting a drone can be beneficial until your company builds revenue. Buying equipment can be expensive and may not be ideal for a new company. Renting can give you time to build equity and assess whether purchasing the equipment is both necessary and financially viable to your new business. As mentioned above, you may also receive tax benefits when renting equipment for your business.


If you’re planning on traveling for a job and unable to take potentially heavy and cumbersome equipment with you, you can get delivery of rental equipment to the address where you’re working. This will save you the need to transport the equipment with you saving time and effort. All equipment shipped by Heliguy is securely sent by recorded delivery. This helps cut down on issues with equipment being damaged whilst it is in transit. You can also return the equipment from where you are and you're not limited to sending from one address. Inspire 2 in Flight - Available for Rental

What to Watch Out For

It’s clear that renting equipment can be useful to you and your work, but there are things you need to make sure you do when you are renting a drone. Make sure you complete all your work in the agreed time and before the drone is returned. Compensate for time to complete any re-shoots as you don’t want to leave yourself without the aircraft you’ve used before the job is complete as this could result in an unhappy client. Before starting your job, ensure you have a clear and thorough list of all the material required that has been agreed between you and your client. This will help you avoid missing any of the footage you need. Also, drones and equipment might not always be available at short notice. When renting a drone, try to give the dates as far in advance as possible. This will help avoid the disappointment of not being able to rent the drone that you want. If you are in desperate need of a specific aircraft for your work, it’s best to give us a call to discuss on the contact details below and we’ll do our best to help. Heliguy also recommends when renting a drone, you research how the drone works and any differences to the aircraft you usually work with. DJI manuals are available on their website and the Heliguy Knowledge Base can assist you with technical queries and give you access to Heliguy's resources such as a pre-flight checklist.


The decision to either rent or buy a drone comes down to what you need for your work. There are clear benefits to both,  and you should think carefully before making a decision. If you’re going to need a specific drone for or long period of time, it’s likely buying will be right for you if it fits in with your finances. Remeber, Heliguy can also offer interest free finance to customers. If you fall into any of the above scenarios, renting may be a better option for you. Not sure which is the best option for you? The Heliguy Sales Team are available by phone and email for any queries and can guide you through making a decision that will suit you. For any rental queries, simply complete our form on the Heliguy rental page, give us a call on 0191 296 1024 or drop us an email at
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