Titan (LARGE) RC Helicopter with Camera

The TITAN is... 2 and ½ times bigger than the ESKY Big Lama and we are pretty sure there is no bigger 4 channel helicopter. Heliguy Titan Heliguy Titan Box

(We'll get some pics beside the Big Lama when it arrives in)

It is a tank (but it doesn't fly like one), the most robust helicopter I have flown, if they made helicopters to go into battle this would be it. It has digital servos and 2 huge carbon brush motors that give it a punchy power control (this can even be increased and decreased digitally from the radio along with other control mechanics). MEMS gyro giving rock solid tail control, excellent stability and flight control, it was a pleasure to perform faster and faster figures of 8 - with loads of power at the same time. The Titan has another edge of a built in camera attachment on the underbelly, specifically designed for the camera to slot into tightly and safely to get some great amateur video and images. I was worried about getting disappointed about this camera after enjoying the test flying of the helicopter so much, so I was hoping the testing of the unit would pan out.

This picture below is slightly different to the actual box, this was the first version where we positioned the logo in the wrong place, sorry it is not the original picture we were in a rush to get this shipped to us and didn't have time to do more photos. Heliguy Titan Camera Box Front

We were very pleased with the camera components, simple to attach and use, switch the camera to video, load in the SD card (supplied) and connect it to the undercarriage (screw in for extra strength, the screw and driver are supplied), turn on the helicopter, press the button on the radio specifically designed for the camera, red for filming and green for off (note this LED is bright but only visible directly underneath the helicopter, my advice to turn it on before take off). After filming remove the SD card from the camera device and place in the USB device (also supplied), connect to you PC and directly access the folder containing your fresh video, double click and Windows Media will automatically display the footage. The video was good quality for such a low cost camera and also came with audio a great option for someone wanting to have a play around with amateur footage. Here is a link to some footage on Youtube I took (very amateur style): https://www.dropbox.com/s/50edrmnlc1urvzv/VIDE0007.AVI http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MIL86dtTuu0

The camera, SD card, screw driver, USB device are £29.99 inc VAT (10% off when bought with the Titan).

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